Smell it to know if it’s real, says jeweller

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August 29, 2012
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September 3, 2012
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Smell it to know if it’s real, says jeweller

KOTA BARU: One of the most common ways to differentiate between pure gold and an imitation is by its smell.

Jeweller Ramli Daud said pure gold had no odour compared to imitation ones which smelt like iron when they were rubbed against a pair of jeans.

The 51-year-old added that imitation gold could be identified through other methods including its colour and carving.

Real thing: A jeweller showing a customer how pure gold is solid, soft and shiny.

“While gold is a metal that is solid, soft, shiny, easy to temper and maintains a bright yellow colour without being oxidised by water or air, its imitation is dull and its carving, less refined.”

Ramli said among the materials used to test the purity of gold were nitric acid and black testing stone.

“The gold will be scraped against the black stone until it leaves a mark on it. Then, nitric acid will be poured on the gold which remains on the stone. If the traces of gold disappear, then it is not pure,” he said.

“Another method that we frequently use is the heat test, where a piece of jewellery is burnt till it is red hot.

“Pure gold will not be affected but an imitation will leave a black mark, depending on its category,” he added.

Ramli said high quality gold was soft and could be shaped and bent compared to its imitation counterpart.

Meanwhile, Kota Baru police chief ACP Azham Othman hoped victims of imitation gold would lodge a report so that action could be taken on the matter.

Police also advised jewellery shop owners to increase security within their premises. – Bernama