Report … Kilo of gold exceeds 57,000 dollars for the first time in six months

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September 12, 2012
Gold / U.S. dollar declined
September 19, 2012
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Report … Kilo of gold exceeds 57,000 dollars for the first time in six months


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 Precious metal prices continued to rise sharply for a third week to exceed resistors technical analysis and touches the level of 1775 U.S. dollars, up $ 45 for the weekend and by 2.5 in the water and a total 6 in the water for the last two weeks of trading, and all these rises were unexpected in light of decisions of quantitative easing We expect further gains with the repercussions of this package third of operations quantitative easing of the federal U.S. (FED) and despite the fact that many ruled out the issuance of this decision within days the current, but the repercussions of aggravation latter case without further delay in the injection markets package to stimulate new assumed on the track all U.S. and European stock markets even Arab stock exchange for gold reached the  green and expect more good omen in the coming days.

He also mentioned before that September could see further gains as usual every year and every precious metals breathe a sigh of relief about Raleigh high prices towards new highs gold is exceeded scope narrow and breaking the barrier of $ 1,600 and barrier $ 1700 and heading towards the barrier $ 1,800 and The current cases of actual purchase by investors the biggest supporter towards greater heights fear of obsessed with inflation because many linking quantitative easing packages and rates of inflation and despite assurances U.S. Federal Chairman (Ben Bernanke) to monitor the rates of inflation and maintain low interest rates until 2015, but all this does not preclude the direction of most of the liquidity quantitative easing to metal safe haven hedge against the repercussions of inflated prices and may agree or disagree with the rationale for quantitative easing at this time, but the phenomena present all positive and calls for cautious optimism to avoid cons previous stages and Witness to this that rises euro and European currencies are not due to the weak dollar (euro equivalent 1.318 dollar) only and but as a result of factors other positive from the region European such approval the European Central (ECB) to continue to plan on buying bonds and upheld the German constitutional court to Angela Merkel and the European rescue fund with the victory of the Dutch pro-European plan in the last election and may be the current improvement in global markets and Walid concerted mass transit from the neck of aggravation.

And gold will remain in the high and behind him the rest of the precious metals until the end of the year and the middle of next year because the Reform and Development Project requires months, not days, and when we see price stability and stop the rise realize that reports GNP, average income and economic activity are all positive and it seemed the world is moving towards recovery phase.

As for silver accompanied gold upward sharp and achieved ounce peak weekly Aljdidhand 34.80 dollars, up $ 1.24 from the start of trading and rose by 3.70 in the water and exceeded $ 35 is very close during the trading next week and silver received strong support from the industrial market next to the metal markets precious.

Platinum achieved $ 116 high only during the last week of the percentage rise 22 in the water during the last month where the level ounce in mid-August 1393 and $ closed Stock Exchange Nyumks on the price of 1712 dollars last Friday and expect spikes of Platinum in the coming days as the rest of the precious metals and the impact of repeated strikes by miners in South Africa, the largest source for the production of platinum in the world.