Sell Gold

Sell Gold

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Sell Gold

Professional gold marketeers buy and sell gold every day. However, the average person is typically not familiar with the world of selling gold and the gold market. Why would the average person sell gold? More importantly, how would the average person sell gold?
To the average person, the gold market may seem confusing. What causes gold prices to go, and what causes them to go down. When is a good time to buy gold, and when is a good time to sell gold. Gold is known as a commodity, a product which can be bought and sold. Gold prices tend to go up in times of economic uncertainty. These tend to be the best times to sell gold.

Why Sell Gold

Each of us goes through fluctuations in our financial situations. At the same time, the price of gold rises and falls depending upon market conditions. Some sell gold in order to make a house payment. Others sell gold for cash to open a new business. Still others sell gold merely because the time seems right.
Holding gold has always been a good idea, especially since gold prices have typically gone up. Recently gold prices have spiked, and now may be the best time to sell gold. Thousands of Malaysian are choosing to sell gold.

How to Sell Gold

It has never been easier to sell gold. SayangEmas provides you with a simple way to sell gold into instant cash. With years of gold buying experience, SayangEmas is Malaysia leader in buying Gold.
Selling gold with SayangEmas is simple. Just Call Us Up or walk in to SayangEmas. Payment will be made once the deal is close.

Should you Sell Gold

Like all financial decisions, this is a personal question. Each person must look at their own situation to determine if they should sell gold. Nobody has a crystal ball to know for sure if gold prices are headed up or down. All we know is that gold prices are at a 20-year high.
If you choose to sell gold, SayangEmas is the answer.
With gold prices near a 25-year high, now may be the best time to sell gold. Only you can determine whether now is the time to sell your gold.

After all, it’s Your Gold

This is the official site for SayangEmas. The list below provides examples some of gold items you can sell at SayangEmas. If you aren't sure if your item is created from one of these metals, bring it with you, and our professionals can inspect it for you. We use current, precise testing equipment, which ensures that you get the best possible evaluation.  Gold prices are at an all time high this year, so now is the time to Sell Gold.
SayangEmas is the reliable place for you to sell gold. Even if your gold is broken, damaged, or tarnished, you can sell it to SayangEmas. We provide the guaranteed highest payout, so sell your gold at SayangEmas.

  • Sell Gold Bracelets
  • Sell Gold Earings
  • Sell Gold Necklaces
  • Sell Gold Rings
  • Sell Old Gold
  • Sell Gold Jewelry
  • Sell Gold Watches
  • Sell Scrap Gold

Selling Gold Procedure

  1. Test the Gold. 
  2. Classify base on the type of Gold (999/916/835/750/375). 
  3. Gold shall be Weight Using Weighing Machine approver by Metrology Department. 
  4. Price negotiation by bargaining until agreement.
  5. Customer personal details shall be recorded. 
  6. Cash Payment.